Thursday, September 4, 2008

And as an afterthought to the previous post...

I watched CNN today, and saw that much of the Sarah Palin conversation centered around this: As a mother of 5, can she handle the duties of Vice President?

Hold the phone. Wait. Really? Has anyone ever said, "Gee, Obama has 2 young girls. Do you think he can really handle the duties of President with two children to raise?" Of course not.

This is the most sexist argument I've heard in a long time. And no one seems to even blink. Are we seriously that far behind? It's perfectly normal for a father to run for office with young kids, but when a mother enters the race, suddenly it's a hot topic issue.

I'm honestly astonished that no one seems to notice the utter sexism and double-standard of this argument. Her children are a non-issue. She should not have to defend her viability as a mother because she wants to serve her country.

Think, America.

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