Monday, October 20, 2008

"People die to ride in our cars."

Alright, maybe it's a lame joke. But in the business of death, you've got to have a sense of humor. One of my favorite clients to work with is Eagle Coach Company--a hearse & limo company based in Amelia, OH. Most of their business is in the hearse (professional vehicle) industry, which is a unique twist to the auto industry.

To make a hearse, they take a perfectly good Cadillac and cut it in half. From there, the car goes through 20+ stations where it is extended, re-assembled, painted, customized, etc. Their cars are absolutely top-notch, and the funeral directors who drive them have nothing but high praise for Eagle's personal service & quality.

Interesting fact: In high school, I tossed around the idea of going to mortuary school after graduation. My lifelong best friend's father was a funeral director, so I had become accustomed to the industry. I always admired his professionalism and the way he seemed to comfort a family in their time of grief. He is truly an outstanding director in every way.

Even in college, the possibility of this career crossed my mind a few times. I just think it's such an admirable profession. Last week I went back to my hometown to sing for a friend's wedding and I ran into my friend's father, the funeral director. We got on the subject of hearses, and I found myself pitching Eagle Coach to him. Hopefully he'll consider joining funeral directors all over the world (yes, world) in being a loyal driver of and Eagle.

Last week, Eagle Coach Company was present at the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) convention in Orlando. At the convention, they revealed their 2009 features as well as their brand new website, created by EMG. Check it out at . It's a site we're all proud of (especially Angela, who was the magician behind it)!