Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EMG: Food Critics

Here at the agency, we've started a new tradition of going out to lunch on Fridays at a different restaurant in the Newport area. There are a lot of cute places around here, and we wanted to get a taste for them all.

Our first stop was the Blue Star Cafe, which just had it's grand opening. This cafe/soup&sandwich shoppe was well done inside--keeping the details of its historical home intact.

They're just starting out and their menu was a bit small, but there are still plenty of choices. And I'm sure they would allow you to build-your-own. I got the Wild Rooster, a spicy chicken sandwich. Unfortunately there was nothing on the menu without meat (It's Friday...it's Lent...) so I had the chicken and vowed to say an extra prayer at mass on Sunday. :-)

Overall, a nice place with friendly people. A gold star for the Blue Star Cafe!

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