Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss California: Was Her Answer Right or Wrong?

Answer: Irrelevant.

Seriously. She was asked a question. She answered the question.

As a former contestent in the Miss America system (this is NOT the same as Miss USA, which is where Miss California comes in), I understand how pageants are supposed to be judged.

Rule #1: Responses should be judged according to confidence in delivery, understanding of the subject, and in being articulate. The position she takes on controversial subjects is not to be taken into consideration.

We all know that Perez Hilton docked her points for disagreeing with him (nice work, genius)...and to Miss USA, way to pick a quality judge. Did it cost her the crown? Maybe, and that's sad. Taints the validity of the whole organization.

In any case, the media has gone haywire over this. She doesn't believe in gay marriage--oh my God, national media crisis.

I believe that gay marriage should be legalized. I think that our current laws are a violation of a person's most basic human rights. But Miss Cali also has the right to disagree, which is fine by me. They asked for her opinion, which she supplied.

But this is a pageant question, and she answered honestly. They asked, she answered. Now the media is trying frame her as a hypocrite. Logic:

She opposes gay marriage --> therefore, she is a Jesus freak --> therefore, her suggestive photos are morally wrong --> therefore, she is a hypocrite.

Hehehehe. I find this hilarious. She's a MODEL--those shots are part of her profession! I guarantee every contestant standing on that stage has photos just like those. I say leave her alone, she's entitled to her beliefs. Last time I checked, stating an opinion was not cause for a national media meltdown. Deep breath, everyone.

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