Tuesday, December 8, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is.....a Lexus?

Ah, the Lexus Christmas ads have begun. Every year, these ads make me feel as if I live in an alternate universe from the folks in Lexus Land. In the ads, the husband leads an unsuspecting wife outside to see a brand new lexus wrapped up in an oversized bow. The wife is overcome with joy and runs to check out every detail of her new car. They hug, kiss and he has a happy wife.

Ok. Let's re-enact this scene with a hint of reality. My husband leads me outside on Christmas morning to find my bow-tied Lexus sitting in the driveway. My first thought is, "oh Christ, my husband stole this car."

Then it would cross my mind that maybe he actually bought the car. I quickly dismiss this thought, knowing that my husband would never be that stupid. Then I think, "if he really did buy it, I hope it's comfortable because he's going to be sleeping in it for a LONG time."

You get the idea. But seriously, since when is a LEXUS a normal Christmas gift? How do you tell your girlfriends this story? "Oh yes, my husband got me a Lexus for Christmas. Oh, you got a sweater? Well that's nice too. It's the thought that counts." Friendless in no time.

This also begs the question. Since when is it normal to make a $40,000 purchase without consulting your spouse? Unless you're Warren Buffet, do not do this. As for me, I'll stick with my old Honda and my Christmas gift of an extension ladder. I wasn't snooping...extention ladders are hard to hide. :-)

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