Monday, August 4, 2008

University of Dayton Ranks Among the Nation's "Happiest Students"

The Princeton Review's 2009 edition listed the University of Dayton as one of the nation's best institutions for undergraduate education with some of the happiest students in the nation. UD ranked 7th in the country in "Happiest Students" and retained its ranking as 11th in "Everybody Plays Intramural Sports."

I would agree. From the moment I stepped onto campus for a visit, I was welcomed. Everyone I passed smiled and said hello, a few stopping my parents and I to encourage me to choose UD. I was not expecting that, and when I arrived as an undergrad I was met with all the same excitement and friendliness.

If you've ever been to campus, you know that porches are symbolic of UD. Everyone sits out on their porch in one huge student neighborhood where everyone is welcome to party or hang out. Complete strangers help each other all the time, and everyone greets one another. On any given day, you could walk up to a house in the "ghetto" (the student neighborhood) and have a handshake and a Milwaukee's Best Light in your hand before you reach the front door. If you think I'm exaggerating, I challenge you to try it. You'll see why UD is filled with happy students!


rileyj130 said...

i heard all of the same things about UD, but was hesitant to actually believe it. i had already enrolled in another highly accredited university when i decided to visit UD.. just to check it out. when i got there, i fell head over heels in love. i was sad to even leave campus to go back to our hotel room! everyone was so welcoming and ive truly never seen anything as unique and friendly as the student neighborhood. theres no other university like UD in the country; i challenge you to prove me wrong. ps- i currently go to the university and everything i heard and saw couldnt be more accurate! best decision ive ever made.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I graduated in 2007 and my time at UD was great. But, apparently there is someone on campus who is ruining everything (locking basements, encouraging Daytona "service days", "free food" at Daytona). I understand what they're TRYING to do, but all it will do is discourage alumni donations and make everyone upset. I'm going there Saturday to check it out for myself, but from what I hear from students who are still there, it has changed for the worst. The community is what makes Dayton, and some "top people" are trying to discourage any sense of community. I know that from what I've heard, I will never encourage my kids to go to UD, even though I loved it myself. Apparently, it's fallen into the wrong hands.